Hove Home are in collaboration with the following brands:

PR Home of Scandinavia

PR Home in Borås, founded in 1983, designs and sells home lighting to retailers around Europe.

PR Home offers a wide range of home lighting and has gained a significant role in the market in recent years. Lighting is hotter than ever, and the lighting puts a lot of the atmosphere in every space, whether in the home, at workplaces or within the public environment.


Svanefors of Sweden

Svanefors was founded in 1956 in a small Swedish village, Torestorp, where  curtains were woven as the main textile product.

Svanefors main products are still textiles but the company keeps expanding their product ranges with new items such as; soap, body scrub, dish soap, trays, paper napkin etc. The product range is for every room in the household - inside as well as outside. Everything must have the special feeling that is Svanefors – naturalness and simplicity.

Durability is an overriding factor for all Svanefors products. ALL products are therefore ØKO-TEX® certified.